A Letter To All Students- Poem


Featured image

Tifarity High School

Classroom 19.



                   Dear student,

Enjoy being a student

For someday

You’ll cease to be a student

Enjoy the weight on your shoulders

Enjoy the life you draw with your fingers

Feel and enjoy

Your seat’s warmth

Your classmates’ warmth

Your teachers’ warmth

For at school, on exciting journeys you set forth

Be cool and don’t turn your teachers’ lives hard

Enjoy cheering up noisily in the school yard

For someday

You’ll wish you’d never quit that yard

I know sometimes it’s just too boring, too tiring

To be good and work hard…

Be assured someday

You’ll remember that with much pride…

Dream by night, dream by day….

I hope you understood what I did just say!

                                                                                                     Much love,



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