The Inexperienced FBI- Poem


Featured image

What’s that man looking for…

In that long-dried river?!

Everyone asks in eagerness….

About the hell that man makes!

He is claimed to be crazy….

But for his news, everyone is busy…

The man insists on his trick….

When he is labeled as freak….

Two men gave up watching….

And went straight him asking….

What are you fishing for in this dried side?

I’m…m fishing for something splendid….

More curious they were, they swore….

To detect what’s the man’s affair….

Unfortunately, the man refrained to utter….

Any word concerning the affair….

They promised awarding him to tell…

The man received the award to tell…

Are you ready to hear the hell…?

Yes, we’re ready to hear the boom bell

Oh! Sorry I’m just fishing for the naive…

Like you when smart fishes leave…

The man packed his materials…

And went home with sarcastic chuckles…

The two naive men hit the road…

Regretfully for what they did…


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